• Yeah. The people who say Happy Holidays can kiss my ass. Merry Christmas!
    • mugwort
      Sorry if Happy Holidays offends you. Fact is not everyone celebrates Christmas. Happy Holidays is inclusive. ie phrase includes everyone.
    • Linda Joy
      HAPPY HOLIDAYS! XX! One for each side! ;) ;)!!
    • Archie Bunker
      @mugwort - maybe people should just say anything on the chance that someone might be offended or what you say might not be inclusive enough, huh?
  • No, it just catches my attention to know how people think differently than others.
  • No. Enjoy the holidays!
  • I don’t get offended . I see it as a positive thought being passed from one person to another. We have enough negativity to deal with that it’s kind of refreshing to hear people use nice words in public. I do not celebrate, but I respect those who do.
  • I don't get offended when someone wishes me a happy holiday. This phrase fits every holiday. For whatever day of the year too.
  • No. Backatcha babe!
  • Not particularly.
  • If you want someone to wish you a correct Happy Holiday, then wear something that identifies your holiday. Take action and education instead of feeling hurt 😄

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