• Not sure the circumstances. Maybe best not to go, might be best to ask...
  • If she'll show her shit to anyone with a ticket why would she care if you're there or not? Anything for a buck?
    • newyorknewyork
      People who are not in her life are easy. People she knows, more complicated.
    • Linda Joy
      Bull! She's showing it to anyone who will pay. No different than prostitution.
    • Archie Bunker
      I don't know about the hooker thing, but if she's in entertainment and she's doing something naked, she has to expect that she'll know at least a couple of people she knows will see her. I'm sure all the Hollywood actresses who do nude scene are quite aware that people they know will go and see the movie they're naked in.
  • If she is really your friend, you wouldn't have to buy a ticket, she'd give you one. If it's all about buying a ticket to see her naked, she is considered a stripper who earns money by taking their clothes off in public.
    • newyorknewyork
      Not a stripper thing. Every ticket comped is a ticket not sold. Here in New York, comps do happen. But, often not when you'd expect. I know a Broadway actor who cannot get comps for his own family!
    • Jenny Rizzo
      Quote: "But, often not when you'd expect." What is there to expect??? since your question does not have any details, saying what type of an event you plan to go to. Regardless of the competition, being nude in public falls under the classification of a stripper.
  • Buy a ticket and make it rain.
  • I had to answer your question again so you can know you have feedback on my original answer. Do get back to me to clarify your puzzling remarks.

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