• 22-Nov-2019, two hours later, it says "a short time ago." I guess I already missed "very recently" and "recently."
  • 1830 GMT still "a short time ago."
    • mushroom
      1930 GMT "some time ago."
    • bostjan64
      Wow, I thought "some time ago" was for questions over a week old, but I posted this question today. Maybe the timestamps are as arbitrary as they are vague.
  • 11/22/18 2:23 pm
  • Questions that are recycled from over 10 years ago say "recently" don't they? You need to look at the view # in the address. before 200,000 or so are from the old AB. The reopened ones start around 300,000 or so if I remember correctly. And they go in order of when they were posted. So when you posted this one we were at view #3525870. Ice man taught me this. When someone answers a question it is reposted in the list as recently, I think. When you answer a question it moves it to the top of the list again. But sometimes they are rotated without being answered. Especially if AB is running slowly.
    • bostjan64
      That's good to know, and explains a lot.
  • 26-Nov-2019 "a little while ago"
    • mushroom
      Let us know when it hits "eons ago."
    • Dereksun
      What is it?

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