• It has God's signature in it.
    • Cry me a River
      Giving account of himself to man? I think not.
    • mugwort
      I believe my "Tree of Life" Holy Scripture Messianic version is holy.
    • Cry me a River
      Really?. how did God provide his righteousness to man in your belief?
  • It appears that most translations have the truth in them. Some have some alterations as well. Textual criticism, by comparing manuscripts and such, you get a sense of what the original manuscripts actually said.
  • I haven't written a Bible. But I believe The Holy Bible is true. The way I learned was I prayed and asked The Holy Spirit for discernment. I read it and asked for understanding of what I read. I asked for guidance and for The Spirit to show me the truth of the answers I wanted. The Holy Spirit speaks to your soul and testifies of the truth of all things. Men will lead you astray, but The Spirit never will. You choose what you wish to believe, and in doing so you choose the consequences of those choices. But its not o.k to choose what someone else should believe. That is THEIR CHOICE. And the right to have that choice is guaranteed in The US Constitution and should be respected. As for your last prepositional phrase followed by a ? passed off as a question, there are a lot of things in The Holy Bible that are true that I do NOT LIKE AT ALL!! So, no, I don't think its true because I like it. I chose to believe it as a test of my faith because I wanted justice to be served for my own offences. But through the process of sanctification I began to seek forgiveness for them instead, because I knew I needed forgiveness and wanted God to forgive me. I also realized a level of happiness in my life never known to me before. So I practiced trying to do what is right and now my testimony is strong. I still make a lot of mistakes. I'm human. But you're free to believe what you wish.

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