• I didn't know that, wow that discounts a lot of things then.
    • Linda Joy
      Not supposed to go outside barefoot, or shake hands. Lots and lots of not supposed to's I'm still learning! I've begun to rely more on portioning and freezing the leftovers, that's allowed. When the turkeys I bought today thaw out I'll be cooking portioning and freezing them, too! Got them for 59 cents a pound! Even if they are half bone, that's a good deal!!
    • Creamcrackered
      I didn't know this Linda, I have two aunts who had breast cancer, one has been in remission for over ten years now, my other aunt was in remission for nearly ten years and then got cancer of the womb, (completely separate from her breast cancer) had that removed but now is living with cancer. I do check my boobies regularly, found a lump a few years back but turned out to be a cyst, but boy that 2 week wait for the mammogram and ultrasound felt like a lifetime. I think anyone with cancer is extremely brave, it must be so difficult to get your head around, I can only imagine. xx

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