• In the USA, we live under the guise of a free market economy. This is actually not entirely the case, but, if it were, people in a pure free market economy are paid as much as the people paying them believe that they are worth. If someone has a job picking turds out of a sewer, they generally don't get paid very much, despite how terrible the job is, because it is the sort of job that someone with low expectations might take. Also, if you took the top 1% of earners, killed them, and distributed their money amongst everyone who was left, there would simply be different people in the new top 1%. In fact, as long as there are at least a hundred people, someone will be in the top 1% of those people, no matter what you do. So, what do you propose, then?
  • Do you think a surgeon should be paid the same amount as a cleaner? Or a sales assistant the same as a policeman? What I do find unfair, at least in the UK, is the zero hour contract, this leaves people with no certainty to work, and no holiday, sick pay or pension.
  • Enjoying your life is a choice! If you are not enjoying it you need to change it. This is not dependent on what you do or how much money you make. And you need to stop lying! The fact is in the US 21.8 percent of the population between 25 and 54 is not working. So its impossible for 99% to BE WORKING. Much less round the clock! You may as well be a politician you lie like one!! And you do nothing for them! JUST LIKE A POLITICIAN!
  • So fair means everyone gets equal amounts of everything?! I mean, why stop at money? Next time someone gives you a high-five, you owe me a high-two-and-a-half. PewDiePie owes me half of his youtube subscribers. Michael Jordan owes me half of his trophies. Gordon Ramsay owes me half of his angry blue streak rants... There are a lot of bald guys out there who would love to get half of everyone's hair, short people who would love half of everyone's height, and animals that might or might not want half of our humanity. I guess we should drop everything we are doing now and focus on solving those inequalities, right?!
  • It's not unjust in the slightest. We have equality of opportunity here, not equality of outcome. If you want equality of outcome you have to do away with personal freedom.
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