• Universal Healthcare in the USA is much more difficult to enact than it is in Germany. For one, the raw cost of healthcare here is one-to-two orders of magnitude higher than it is in Germany. Secondly, the population in the USA is 4x higher and 100x more diverse. Ideally, universal healthcare would be great here in the USA, but there are a lot of challenges that need to be addressed properly before we can get to that point. Also, in places with universal government-paid healthcare, lives are also lost due to delay in treatment, so the thing you are proposing, regardless of how many problems it would solve, does not solve the problem you mentioned as the ultimate reason for necessary change.
  • Do some research! AGAIN YOU LIE!! If you want to help them then get a medical degree and tend to them all yourself! If you like Germany's healthcare plan then go there!! STOP TRYING TO MESS UP OUR SYSTEM OF GOVERNMENT ITS WORKING BETTER THAN YOUR PLANS ARE!!
    • bostjan64
      I never considered complaining about something a "plan."
  • This isn't Germany. And don't you have anything better than pointing at those evil 1%ers?
  • Get a Job: *** One with better health benefits.
    • bostjan64
      Without a drastic change, we (in the USA) are never again going to see health benefits like we did in the 1990's. Even with a spectacular private sector job with stellar health benefits, a common illness can easily bankrupt even the most fiscally responsible people.
    • Linda Joy
      No drastic change needed. All you have to do is serve your country for a few years and you will have VA benefits. I'm sure you'll argue over this but its the truth and many could have it if they just made the choice. I understand some don't qualify to serve, but there are also services for the indigent. I know many people who are using them. I couldn't get dental care until I lost my home, but being homeless qualified me for a dental voucher. If you are truly poor you can get help.

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