• If you're talking about the American system of government it already contains justice and has been working as well or better than any other system of government for over 200 years! If you're talking about stealing from those who work for a living to give it away to those who refuse to work and sit on their asses all day I wouldn't call that justice at all! If you don't like this government I suggest you go tear down one that is NOT WORKING AND DOES NOT EMBRACE JUSTICE. I'd suggest Africa where people are actually suffering not the one that has produced the most well fed well cared for fairly well educated well defended and most influential country in the world. Better yet, why don't you work on making your own life better and changing your attitude so you don't feel cheated when you have the privilege of a life better than most people on this earth. And realize we are given challenges to strengthen us. Stop keeping those that are down crippled by giving to them and leaving them were they sit instead of encouraging them to get up and do better and feel better and take some pride in a job well done! Independence and self sufficiency is what they need not a reason to sit and wallow in their misery which is a choice they make regardless of the help they receive! Give them the gift of self respect and dignity not a hand out that will only keep them down. And finally you don't know enough about the way the world works to make proper changes for others. Learn first. I've seen from your previous posts that you don't even know what services are available to those that have less. You don't even know where the gaps are that need to be filled. And whatever happened to loving one another and helping one another and not expecting the government to support everyone? You can do plenty to help the poor if you really wanted to! I don't think you really want to. You just want to blame it all on the government and bitch about it and pretend you're doing something by keying a few words instead of actually going to the shelters and streets and helping and giving actual jobs and encouragement to the poor! There is no sacrifice or benevolence or anything extraordinary in giving someone else's money away. Also if you want to do something get up and do it and stop asking everyone else to help you destroy the government that has given us the best standard of living in the history of the world! That's just stupid to tear down what is working best so far!
  • What is unjust about the system? How can you make 99% of people live like 1%, what if they don't want to? Tearing down the system doesn't sound very responsible that usually manifests as anarchy and instability. You can change yourself, you can't force others to change.
  • Only a fool tries for a revolution on the back of idealist fantasies like yours. if you have anything substantial to offer other than your pipedreams then bring them out. Talk to people, get a following and make positive impacts to make yourself an viable option. Stop trying to be an armchair terrorist.
  • If the maths don't work out, then the system won't work out, no matter how hard you want it to.
  • You don't want to do anything but sit at your computer and complain about America and I'm tired of it!! If you don't love it leave it!!
  • Your 99% will never live like the 1%. Most of your 99% won't do what it takes to get to the 1% because they're lazy.
  • Get a Job:
  • Just no. 😌
  • Any economist worth his or her salt is aware that any economic system has limitations. Most scientists are aware that the Earth has a set weight of each chemical element on board, so it is physically impossible, for example, to give each person on Earth a superbowl ring. Why? There is a total of 171.3 million kg of gold on the planet. You cannot make gold out of anything that doesn't contain gold without fusing atomic nucleii, which we will just say is impossible, because it has only ever been done one atom at a time in very expensive science labs at extremely high cost. There are 7.7 billion people on Earth. A Superbowl ring contains 50-60 g of gold, which multiplied by 7.7 billion is 385-460 million kg of gold, more than two times the total amount of gold on Earth. So, even in an ideal world where you can instantly teleport any object anywhere on the planet for free, a football player who won the pennant one year will be wealthier than at least two other people. We are at the point now where the world's population is approaching a tipping point. According to this meta-study: , the Earth can only support about 32 billion people, living a minimalist lifestyle, before we will be literally forced to start eating each other for basic survival. We are already a quarter of the way there, and population grows exponentially. That means that before the generation who are babies now is dying of old age, we will likely have to ration how many babies people are allowed to have, similar to what China has done in the past. Based on the expectation that there will be severe pushback to such a policy, I think it is reasonable to expect that we will overshoot the tipping point, and, in order to correct that, we will have to sterilize some people by force. How's that going to work for equality?! You'd have to sterilize some people, but obviously not everyone... Thus introducing an inequality and forcing it artificially on the population. The alternative to doing such a measure will be to allow billions of people to starve or to sterilize everyone and go extinct as a species.

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