• "Wind energy is more reliable in the short term than fossil fuels." [No one, ever]
    • Archie Bunker
      "Wind energy is hugely inefficient and wicked expensive." - smart people
    • bostjan64
      Every source of energy has its own problems. It's not always windy. It's not always sunny. Wind and solar power are rough on infrastructure. Geothermal energy can only be harnessed in very specific locations. Coal is cheap, but it can be used irresponsibly, leading to pollution; plus, there is a limited amount of it on the planet, and no one is making more. Oil is troublesome to extract and refine. Nuclear power can be very dangerous to public health if something goes wrong. Biomass has a tendency to be consumed much more rapidly than it can be replenished. So, what is the best option? IMO, it's "all of the above," and it seems daffy, to me, that people argue one over the other, as if they are exclusive of each other. But, whatever, it's not like the world's problems will ever be solved on answerbag. LOL
    • Archie Bunker
      Unfortunately, the world's problems will never be solved in the halls of politicians, either.

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