• Sometimes, yes. I was helping my uncle installing the parts from 4WheelOnline for his truck and clean his garage at the same time when I found the box with some pictures of his old '77 Corvette. I used to ride with him back in the days and I really liked that car. Too bad he had to sell it.
  • Yes. I like reminiscing about my younger days I had lots of fun.
  • Oh yes!! I have lived a long time and I've had a lifetime of wonderful memories to ponder! Just this past weekend I was given another when my daughterinlove Gen came to visit. I almost lost her once! I remember making Christmas ornaments with my son and my niece. Making Christmas candy and my ex cracking the pecans so he wouldn't bite his nails while watching the game. haha. I remember family gatherings with various families I've married into and adopted over the years! (not legally, but in my heart they are family) And I remember a few good memories from when I was a child and when I had a small child. When the only thing he asked Santa for was a flower for his mama! Yeah and then he turned into a teenager! lol. I remember my sister 'shooting' me in the chest with red paint from a tube that got clogged. She was painting her windows for Christmas. I was doing dishes. I was 15. She had a couple of small kids at that time. It was before her TBI. Memories of my son and grandson fill my heart! I've been very blessed!

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