• You need to dump this 'Someone' as a source. They are not reliable. First of all, worry and fear are useless emotions unless you are motivated to make changes for improvement. The only way Americans themselves can make changes is with their power as consumers and through voting. Market and lobbyists do not rule. I already told you once that lobbyists usually work for corporations on salary. Consumers rule in the long run. But not just one consumer, it takes a collective to make a difference. If everyone quit buying products from one country it would quickly go bankrupt. That is true for just about any country. But these sanctions are not about bankrupting China. China was stealing proprietary information/ intellectual property and making cheap knockoffs. This has been their strategy for a long time and is the reason for their rise in the marketplace. Just in case you don't get it stealing is illegal and unfair. Trump is trying to punish them for their illegal behavior and stop them from stealing what belongs to someone else to make a profit for themselves. Most other countries are too weak to do this. We aren't. And a difference is being made by US. Unfortunately it will hurt us and others for a couple of months, but will hopefully save others from China stealing from them as well and breaking a whole host of international laws and trade agreements. And personally I think people who break laws should be punished.
  • The free market works, as long as the government gets out of the way. And as far as lobbyists go, they're only effective if people keep elected the same corrupt politicians time and time again.

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