• What do you mean "without using heat?" NH4Cl is said colloquially to sublime, but technically, the process is a chemical reaction, not a physical one, because the compound decomposes into chlorine gas and ammonia gas. This process doesn't tend to happen spontaneously at low temperature, either. What wet sand? What sand? You keep saying sand. I think you might need to read out more of the question. Maybe try asking each question individually and provide the supporting information.
  • Why is this in the Movie Awards category?
    • fa44
      Sorry I am new in this website and I don't know how to use it well l.. I will erase the questions.. Can you help me please how to delete questions?
    • Linda Joy
      Welcome!! You can't delete the questions. Only staff can delete them. I had trouble with the categories when I first got here, too. You may want to look at them by clicking categories at the top of the page to familiarize yourself with the categories they have. Then click the science one to see more categories. If this is a homework question you may want to google science homework help or homework help for the specific class you are taking. Some of the people here know a lot more about this stuff than I do, and I've forgotten a lot of what I did learn. But please do stay and ask questions! You'll get used to it.

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