• How would one know the exact thoughts of someone who died by suicide? We can’t generalize and group all of the victims of suicide together and assume that they went through the same process. Whatever hardships they experienced, rest assured, will be remedied once God’s Kingdom begins to rule here on earth (Rev 21:3,4 & Isa 65:17)
  • Suicide is a choice. And their loved ones will suffer! *****Depression is a mental illness that will be healed in the resurrection. It can also be treated with medication and therapy in this life. I suggest this person see a mental health professional. I suffer from depression, and I have many medical conditions as well. My sister committed suicide. I assure you it is not an act of love, and according to mental health professionals, the cost is paid by the rest of the family and friends of the perpetrator. Their suffering is comparable to that of a concentration camp experience. Be sure to tell this person that. Because its not just about them. When my sister died I knew I'd be o.k., but I was very angry that she left her children orphans! Until I learned more about the disease. Please help this person get mental health help. Medications make a big difference and they don't have to suffer so!
    • Linda Joy
      Feel free to message me if you want to talk about it privately. My email address is in my profile just click my name on my answer to see it.

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