• I think its very complicated and they need to do a LOT of research and discussion before jumping into things. I can see both sides on this one, and I'm undecided at present. Thanks for asking. To Be Continued...
    • Linda Joy
      Is this about being compensated for their likeness in advertising? I can see where they don't have a lot of time outside school practice and games to hold down a part time job as well. But I think it clouds the concept of no "I" in team. And I don't know enough about how funds for collegiate sports are allocated to know how it would work.
    • Linda Joy
      I know down here in the south collegiate sports is big business! Emblems on everything! It fuels our economy! (that and UAB in general. They are always building here!) Tailgating is HUGE!
    • Linda Joy
      Oh yeah, now that I think about it what does the government have to do with it anyway? Shouldn't this be determined internally? O.k. I'm obviously also ignorant about whom oversees collegiate sports. But I have to put my (sprained) foot up right now and can't read up on it. "I'll be back!" haha ow! Thanks for asking this question. I think I could learn a few things here!
    • Linda Joy
      Or are they asking for something like work-study compensation? Maybe for time spent at practice?
    • Archie Bunker
      My understanding is that they want compensation for their likeness. But, aren't they already being compensated with a free college education?

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