• Stop voting, and stop doing anything at all, just bring the system to a halt, there are more slaves than there are masters. They aren't in charge anyway, the big corporations and Banks are.
    • Linda Joy
      Not voting just gives someone else your say in the matter. How do you reason not voting will halt anything? Even if they only get two votes the one with the most wins!
    • Creamcrackered
      Do you honestly believe that voting counts, even George Carlin didn't believe it counted, he said America was bought and paid for a long time ago, America is a corporation owned by banks and corporations and they will determine the outcome as they see if "order out of chaos," and he was close to them being in the entertainment industry so he should know. Bread and circuses.
  • Again, vote them out. Nov 2020 is an opportunity to almost completely clean house. All you have to do is vote.
  • Vote them out of office. But apathy has set in for a large swath of the public and nothing is going to get done. Apathy and ignorance is a dangerous combination.
  • What Do you expect from politicians? Psalm 146:3 warns us against putting our trust in those who can not bring us salvation.
    • Archie Bunker
      The same thing could be said about many spiritual leaders. Just sayin'.
    • LizzyP
      Yes, however, the question specifically asks about politicians. The difference is that we are obligated to obey government rules and regulations, according to Matthew 22:21. If a spiritual leader is not trustworthy, we can opt out of that religion.

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