• Stop doing anything, it will bring the system down, we don't have to protest, that's a waste of time, we just have to stop, and get off the treadmill.
    • Archie Bunker
      People are doing nothing now and that's why in continues.
  • What makes you think this is not the normal situation?
  • Vote them out. Nov. 2020 we could almost completely clean house if everyone just voted them out.
    • bostjan64
      @axe77, Linda Joy is correct. Each citizen (in a democracy) holds the power to decide who is in power in both the legislative and executive branches of government, and, in many places, the local judicial officials as well. Many people gripe about the two-party system and how the two choices are sometimes both bad, but the two-party system is not written into any law in the USA. Nothing is legally stopping you from voting for Gary Johnson, Jill Stein, or Vermin Supreme. Personally, though, I don't think anyone who is not crooked would ever be able to gather enough funds to run a serious campaign. But, that, also can be corrected by voting responsibly from the neighbourhood up to the federal level.
  • Vote them out of office. But until the sheeple pull their heads out of their apathetic asses, nothing will change. Get informed, people.

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