• If there's a paid extended warranty or "lifetime" warranty, then they should honor it as long as normal wear and tear or abuse isn't an issue. However, it is reasonable for the mfr. to ask for proof of purchase if an item might have been sold out of the warranty coverage area. Now, I won't mention the mfr. but I had an item fail within a year and asked the mfr. to honor the "lifetime" warranty shown on their website's product page. Their reply: "the item was not sold with a warranty. The website is in error." I wish I could pay a reasonably higher price to get durable products, but it seems there's no real correlation.
  • Nope It's standard practice as the serial number proves it's their device. But if you have the receipt and talk to someone high enough (be nice, not entitled) then there is the possibility they can take your word for it that the serial number would match the receipt - if it were visible.
  • Frankly, I'm doubting "the serial number was worn off during normal usage". You'd have to tell me what the item is and where the serial number was located to convince me.

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