• ok, I stand with you. Amen!
  • The Government have been cloud seeding for years, can't see why they just don't do this, surely it's worth a try.
    • Linda Joy
      Because occasionally they do learn from their mistakes:
    • Creamcrackered
      That was an interesting read Linda, I didn't know that about the UK, thank you. No surprises China still partakes in cloud-seeding. And the US was still cloud-seeding in certain areas of the US and there was 150 ongoing projects across the globe in 2012. This topic always made me think of Kate Bushes video Cloudbusting..
  • Controlled fire is not necessarily a bad thing. Fire makes way for a new beginning, and new plant species. "At Tall Timbers Research Station in Tallahassee, Fla., an experiment that lasted nearly 40 decades provided telling results. The 23-acre (9.3-hectare) swath of land was not allowed to burn during that time. Plant diversity fell by 90 percent and one species of bird, red-cockaded woodpeckers, disappeared entirely [source: Eilperin]. In order to thrive, this ecosystem, like many others, needed fire. Controlled forest fires can be financially beneficial, too. Prescribed burns are less expensive than mechanical thinning -- the logging of small-diameter trees to reduce tree density and underbrush -- which costs around $28 an acre [source: Eilperin]." Of course I will pray for the fire to be brought under control, but you might also want to pray that Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro will give a shit and take the help that was offered instead of ignoring it as sensationalism! Also please know that this forest burns every season. Which is why it surprised me that "The increased rates were first reported by Brazil's National Institute for Space Research". Don't they have a system in place for monitoring these fires? And I almost didn't learn all this because I thought this was a silly question because controlled fires are good for the forest.
  • Praying isn't going to save the rainforest. Bolsonaro's government isn't doing enough to stop it.

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