• Did you do ANY RESEARCH AT ALL before posting this? US sanctions against Iran: US sanctions against Russia: Where in the world did you get the idea that lobbyists benefit from lower oil supplies? Its my understanding that those who are paid are already full time salaried employees of big business. And here's info on how sanctions work: And please do let me know if you even look at any of these links to actually educate yourself or if you really don't care and are just trying to post questions that will get a response. Because honestly you get more responses with questions that are easy to answer like what is your favorite color.
    • Linda Joy
      Did you read the link YOU posted? I didn't read it all, but I saw nothing in it about sanctions. And when this nutcase of an old bag has to go all the way back to something that happened in 1911, which, by the way, has already been fixed you know she's grasping at straws!! Old moldy ones!! The way this thing is written you'd think women just got the right to vote! She's trying to play on your sympathy for women's rights, but she still has the mentality of someone whose still living in 1911!!
  • You're relying on an Elizabeth Warren speech in Politico? Do some objective research, dude.

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