• sorry Should be hurricane prone states. Is building wooden house instead of concrete in hurricane prone states waiting for disasters to happen?
    • mushroom
      Yes, pretty much. Many places have adopted building codes requiring hurricane-resistant construction, raised foundations and so forth to reduce hurricane damage. Geodesic domes and log houses are one such type of resistant structures.
  • No, living there is waiting for hurricanes to happen. Who are the 'we' to whom you are referring? I assume most of these people have lived there all their lives as most people do. Those that prepare survive better than those that don't. But concrete is heavy, slow to build and expensive when compared to wood. If they could afford concrete they can certainly afford insurance, right? Or a safety deposit box for their valuables? I don't collect things anymore. I've lost them all too many times to care about things anymore. So I guess having nothing to loose makes rebuilding easier? or maybe its just that they are too attached to their things so they were lost. But rebuilding is good for the construction industry. Money is infused into the economy. As usual it just depends on whether you look at only the 'disaster' or if you choose to look at all the ways people are being helped by one another through this process. 'Disasters' make way for new growth!
  • I, personally, cannot prevent a hurricane. Some think ELF waves can keep them out of the gulf of Mexico. Some say the HAARP project started after Katrina kept hurricanes out of the gulf by producing a low pressure cell over the area. That's when they started going up the east coast instead and if I remember correctly a couple occurred on the west coast. Some say the Russian's Woodpecker project caused the drought in California back in the '70's which caused pools to be left empty which lead to the skateboarding craze - well, that and the invention of plastics /polymers and revolutionized skateboarding. Now, young grasshopper go study, learn!
  • We as humans can volunteer our time and money to help in the recovery efforts. The people who live there will need to rebuild. This is simply part of life and helps them build the experience and strength they need to endure many more 'disasters' they will undoubtedly face if they live through each successive 'disaster'. It builds strength, community unity, faith it God to help them through it, and anything else they face in life. God purifies us through fire. Its how we pick ourselves up that makes us who we are! And there are many ways we help them. My Church is very organized and helpful when it comes to helping during disasters. So is the Red Cross. They've both helped me when I endured a couple of fires and hurricane damage. I didn't know my Church back then. They go help when there is a disaster. We can volunteer our time, money or supplies that may be needed. There are usually donation centers setup locally and advertised on the radio that take donations and get them where they need to be. What did YOU plan to do to help?

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