• Livestock is kept and raised for consumption. Zoos and animal preserves keep animals for study, breeding and rescue.
  • Wait, aren't you one of these 'save the world' kind of people? Afraid greenhouse gasses are causing climate change? Aren't these very animals causing the greenhouse gasses? Namely methane? Wouldn't your 'animal paradise' cause even more trouble than slaughtering them? And while we're on the subject wouldn't eating the animals make more sense for 'saving the world'? You can thank your meat eating friends for making good use of these animals that are causing all the global warming. No wait... if these animals weren't FOOD they would never be bread or cared for at all. Who would invest in food to feed the livestock if they didn't plan on eating them? And what about the poverty stricken black folks who are supposedly being oppressed by the livestock industry? Are YOU going to build concrete homes for all of them? Or just the ones by your sanctuary? I don't suppose you remember what happened when Oprah bad mouthed the cattle industry? Are you sure you want THOSE horns aimed at YOU?
    • Linda Joy
      And again, I must ask who is this "WE" you keep talking about? Actually, last I knew it was the wild mustangs that need to be saved. No one can afford to feed and water them. I guess if it weren't taboo to eat horse in this country they'd be better cared for!
  • Here, you can start by adopting a wild mustang! I got the link. You can go make them a comfy place to sleep and go get a truck of alfalfa hay a stock pond to water them in and build the barn! Now don't you feel like you actually accomplished something instead of just suggesting what 'WE' SHOULD DO?
  • I have no interest in creating an animal paradise, because I can't resist eating meat. If you are thinking of creating one, you can always buy a ranch. There, you can raise your animals and have their own place to roam. Keep in mind that you will be responsible for the health of animals and their care, ensuring their welfare of dealing with animal diseases and other animal related incidents.
  • Nope. Waste of money. Also, India tried a similar thing with cow shelters. Costs something like 10 million a year and is abused worse than welfare.
  • Maybe you should start a fund raiser.

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