• It's a virus they catch if unvaccinated and kills them painfully, it can also be transferred to piglets in the sows uterus, and of course pigs are fed pork so that infected pork can go undetected then reinfection occurs. .
  • Is it cruel, maybe so. Are they totally allowed to kill any animals they please, when they please, because those animals belong to them, on their property, because it is America? Yes. You can try and spread the knowledge that animals matter too, but unless it is a human-being person, on their property they are killing, (with the exception of some states, like Texas, for example,) then you can't sue them for killing the animals. However, if you keep spreading the word, if you are correct, the world will catch on. Just give it time my dude. Burger King has already changed the whopper to vegan. I mean, I think the people who buy Whoppers aren't gonna high-5 them, and they need to "know their audience." But, to you, maybe it shows that someone out their heard your voice...keep trying, and keep seeking out the truth. Maybe, you will find that, it isn't as bad as you think. I can see you are seeking to make the world a better place, you just keep doing it man (or woman.)
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  • They need to be put down, but you go fund whatever you want! Why do you keep asking for approval to go fund whatever you want? Just do it. You can fund lifesaving efforts for disease carrying mice, ticks, and mosquitos, too, but I don't think its in the best interest of society! Petition, then you'll see how many people care enough to do more than flap their lips or just post about it on social media.
  • You must be as thick as one of those swine if you think that's how it works. The reason the animals are destroyed is that they CANNOT be saved and thus become a threat to the other livestock - and even humans. It may come as a surprise to a simple, monetary minded chap like yourself - but all the money in the world isn't going to save them if the vaccine didn't work beforehand.

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