• Holy is a quality possessed inherently by Jehovah God; a state of absolute moral purity and sacredness. Or a state of being set aside for God’s service, when the word holy is referring to humans. It can also be used to refer to purity on one’s conduct. Satan is an intelligent spirit creature who has preyed on mankind since the beginning, he is capable of identifying those who have been declared holy by Jehovah’s standards.
    • Amaris
      Holy according to his standards? I don’t think so..holy according to his mercy.
    • Amaris
      There are no verses with declared holy in them.
    • Amaris
      There are verses that say God has called, but not any that say he has declared people ..anything.
    • LizzyP
      1 Peter 1:16
  • Satan knows I am holy and love the Lord God as he (satan) has tried to kill me many times over my lifetime to shut me up from spreading God's love to the world. So much so that even the "churched Christians" are against me.

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