• Get out a find some hobbies and activities that you like to do, get out and exercise, and find a support group to discuss your feeling and your need for weed. Hobbies include a sport, games, volunteer work, and education. Good luck. A breakup is hard and can take some time.
  • Pretend! Just force yourself to act like a person with self esteem. Do it long enough and you will see there is nothing between you and you with better self esteem.
  • Identifying the root cause for your low self-esteem will help you build it back up. Apparently, being addicted to weed as you say will decrease your self-esteem. Put down the weed and pick up some weights. Exercise improves your mental outlook and reduces stress.
  • The value of a thing is determined between the buyer and the seller. Jesus gave his life for you BECAUSE YOU ARE WORTH IT! You just need to see your value like Jesus does. You're not finished being polished, but you have GREAT VALUE! You need to recognize your strengths and weaknesses and work on both. And with God's help you can become more valuable than you ever imagined possible! Not every woman is for you. A failed relationship just works as an indicator and reminder of what to do differently next time. Mark this one off your list as not right for you and move on to the next, only be more selective next time and make a better choice for what you need in a relationship. Its a learning experience. It might help to also make a list of what you do need in a partner and what you need to avoid. It helps solidify it in your own mind. There are plenty of fish out there, but some people want a lobster - they mate for life. Some people aren't into commitments. You need to know what's right for you at this time. And don't settle for less. You do deserve it, you are very valuable! You just haven't recognized your value yet. But Believe it! Its true!
  • Quit smoking that shit and quit worrying about what other people think. That's self-confidence.
  • Exercising every day mon through fri has helped me a lot
  • Meditate, meditate and meditate! Believe that it happened, it was in the past. Your past should not have a hold over your future. Make drastic(healthy) changes today. Make a self-love mantra and chant it in the mornings while looking in the mirror. Pep talks help too.
  • Here come an ironic yet pointed answer. You're not that important. The problem is an over-inflated sense of self. And weather its a happy self or a sad self, an inspired self or depressed self , these stories of self are fiction we make up. Free of praise and blame, fame or infamy the busy mind may rest in deep peace.

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