• What are you anxious about? Here are some short term and long term techniques for dealing with anxiety. If you can't open the link let me know and I'll give you the short version.
  • Run 11-22-19
  • Make a proper routine when it happens. Such as, divert your mind, focus on your breathing or watch something on your phone.
  • Help someone in need
  • Deep breathing and exercise. Also agree that helping others tremendously helps.
  • If you are suffering from anxiety, not to worry. Take a proactive approach you can learn to manage.
  • There are various way to deal with anxiety. Practice yoga and meditation techniques. Consult a good counselor. Counseling sessions can help a lot.
  • The best way to deal with anxiety is replacing a negative thought with a positive thought. Another good way to relieve anxiety is to write down your thoughts as they come in a journal. If you feel ready enough, the best way to relieve anxiety is to speak to a professional therapist and apply cognitive behavioral therapy. Hope that helps.😉
  • *** At Matthew 6:34….we find Jesus’ profound advice: “Never be anxious.” It may, however, seem difficult to follow that advice. What did Jesus mean when he said: “Never be anxious”? Obviously, he could not have meant that a servant of God would not at some point in life experience anxiety. But Jesus was helping his disciples to realize that undue, or extreme, anxiety does not solve problems. Each day has its own challenges, so Christians do not need to add anxious thoughts about the past or the future to the concerns of the present. ** What are some practical ways to reduce anxiety? Set appropriate priorities, have realistic expectations, daily make room for some quiet time, enjoy God’s creation, keep a sense of humor, and get regular exercise and enough sleep.
  • Find a hobby.
  • The way my Senior Drill Instructor taught me do deal with it. SITFU.
    • Archie Bunker
      Suck It The Fuck Up
  • Best way to deal with anxiety is to have a good lifestyle, adopt nice habits regarding mental health which includes, proper diet, talking to people you like, yoga and other exercises.
  • These are anxious times, many of us are trying to manage our lives despite the instability the we are experiencing economically, socially any physically. These are certainly critical times hard to deal with. Here are some things that have helped my family and myself to remain joyful and productive despite the challenges: 1) Take 1 day at a time 2) Set reasonable standards, not expecting perfection 3) Know your triggers 4) Be organized 5) Be balanced 6) Take care of your health. There are more suggestions on the website, just write your key words in the search engine.

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