• God said "do not eat of the fruit or you shall surely die," this was truth. Satan the tempter says, "God said you weren't to eat from any tree of the garden?" (this isn't what God said) but he deceives and tempts, Satan says "you shall not die, you shall become like God!" both lies. We choose to believe Satan making God the liar, disobedience and choosing allegiance with Satan because we wanted to be like God, vanity, and as such we not only sinned but we died. It's the same lie today, you are your own god, there is no other, you are smart, clever, you know more than God, because we now believe there is no God, man loves himself he is a humanist, he is a star, he is his own man.
    • bostjan64
      But, did anyone ask Satan's side of the story? LOL
    • Creamcrackered
      Do you want to tell it?
  • Satan uses many different methods to deceive humankind. From astrology to Spiritism, Satan offers anything and everything that can distract us from God’s Kingdom. His “greatest lie” is whichever method that works best on you as an individual, it could be entertainment (pornography, explicit movies/music, violent shows, etc), false religion, racism, anger, discouragement... many things. Satan succeeded in planting the seed of doubt in Eve’s mind (Genesis 3), that method may not work on everyone.

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