• Happier is the comparative form of happy. Jesus explains what true happiness is and how to gain it in his sermon on the mountain, recorded in Matthew 5-7.
  • It can be used comparatively. Start with Lizzy's advice! That's how you find lasting joy. Happiness depends on happenings and changes from day to day and moment to moment. So make it a conscious choice. Keep a happiness journal and make yourself find at least 3-5 things every day to put in it. This makes you look for the happiness in your journey, causes you to conciously take note and gives you a record to look back on at your happy moments and focus on them. Make it a conscious choice by making happiness goals. If something is making you sad, search for and implement a plan to eradicate it, if you can. Find things you know will bring you happiness and make a plan to make it happen! Every bit of energy you used to spend feeling sad can be used to plan for future happiness instead! So happiness can be used to compare, but if you want it in your life, like everything else you need to choose it, plan for it, make goals and don't stop until you get it! ** as a side note - if you are sad most of the time look up symptoms for depression and see if you need to talk to your doctor about a chemical imbalance that needs to be treated with medication. Choose HAPPINESS!!
    • A good apple
      My question was not how to be happy. I was thinking how comparisons are made where happiness is concerned.. like compared to so and so I’m happy but compared to so and so not so much..
    • Linda Joy
      And twice I answered that it can be used comparatively. However my answer was not directed at you specifically but information provided for anyone who can benefit from it, now or years from now. CHOOSE HAPPINESS!!
    • A good apple
      Yeah yeah.
  • seems like it

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