• I don't have any kids...that I know of....I don't like country music, but Conway and Loretta sound great together.
    • Linda Joy
      I try not to discriminate. My mom used to play it. I also like classic rock, gospel, hymns, I like some music less as well, though. Like rap / hip hop, actually anything new. I just don't keep up. I'm old, I like the classics, but I like folk music and childrens' music. I even like classical and jazz and blues in small doses. When I was younger I liked pop music, and I like some of those now as well, but I listen to music on my radio and the country station has the best signal. I tried Pandora for a while, but I like original music not remakes or 'something similar' and you get more variety on the radio. Hmm... You like classic rock if I recall correctly?
    • Azlotto
      I do like classic rock, and classical music. This vid cracks me up...

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