• Because this is not a site for praise reports its a place to ask questions! Maybe twitter is the best place for them so go there if you like it better we don't need you coming here and complaining about the site. If you don't like it go where you like it better!
    • Rick Myres
      Why should we not praise God who helps us?
    • Archie Bunker
      Really, Rick? Why not post porn here? Why not list the lottery numbers? Or you local weather? Or the TV listings for each night? Why not cut your toenails in church? Answer: There is a place for everything, and this one has question marks at the end. Praise Jesus on a Jesus site because not everyone here appreciates it or agrees with you.
    • Rick Myres
      I praise Jesus any place I desire to. I have had other Catholics to tell me to keep it to myself when Jesus said if we do even these rocks will cry out. I don't care if others don't agree with me because it is the Holy Spirit leading me. Have a blessed day.
    • Archie Bunker
      So then, I'm guessing the question you asked (which is the point of this site) is irrelevant? You wanted to know why no one answers that stuff. I told you and you said you don't care. Then why ask? Just make your statement in the question box so we can all ignore it right off the bat.
    • Linda Joy
      Jesus did not say that if YOU keep YOUR praise to YOURSELF the rocks will cry out! He was speaking to pharisees who chastised HIM to TELL THE DISCIPLES to be quiet. And I guarantee the rocks will NOT cry out if you don't post praise reports on AB. ITS NOT THE SAME THING! And like archie said YOU ASKED!! So don't get mad at us for answering YOUR QUESTION or argue with us because you don't like the answer. And it appears if you don't follow the rules they'll give you a time out. At least yours was for not following the rules. I still don't know why they gave me a time out.

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