• Unfair for sure.
    • Linda Joy
      I agree! But what to do about it?
  • I think it's inconsistent with the reasoning why there are male and female divisions in the first place. I suggest either a) make all sports co-ed, or b) trans should have their own category. Of course it's unfair.
    • Linda Joy
      a) would ruin some sports. b) I thought this initially, but realized they probably wouldn't have enough to compete. Despite their attempts to make it seem common by enlisting the media, " A different survey in 2016, from the Williams Institute, estimated that 0.6% of U.S. adults identify as transgender." so the ones who compete in sports would be even less! In fact I'm wondering if the p-value is enough to even qualify as statistically significant! I really don't think they should have changed the rules for them. They just opened a can of worms for a few people who could have competed anyway or chosen not to. I'm sure they make plenty of other sacrifices for their lifestyle choice. And I'm guessing over half of them just want to have the advantage and claim trans to get a win, trophy, medal at any cost.
    • bostjan64
      0.6% sounds about right. I guess whether it would ruin a sport or not is a matter of personal preferences. If they can't get enough players to compete, then I guess they wait until they do to compete. It's no different from anything else: if people are interested in something, then it works, if not, then not. But imagine if Bruce Jenner, in his prime, had decided to compete as a woman. No one else would have stood an ice cube's chance. So, it's not fair. I think the idea that anyone could be having an argument over whether it's fair or not is actually kind of idiotic.
    • Linda Joy
      Obviously not for those who do it. I like to hear the opinion of others from time, even if they seem 'idiotic' to a genius/academic eletist's point of view. But thank you for your opinion as well. It helps me understand the geeks/nerds.
  • Gender is determined by Chromosomes. Each gender already has their own category.
    • Linda Joy
      Love that answer, Lizzie! And I agree 99%! But it is true some are born both male and female.
    • bostjan64
      Most people are XX or XY, and sometimes there is XXX, XXY, or XYY, or even XXXX... but, in general, if you have no Y chromosomes, you generally fit the physiology of a female and if you have one or more Y chromosomes, you fit the physiology of a male. At least, the vast majority of XXY cases are more like a male than a female, even if they might have some soft features for a typical male. So, TL;DR that's a great idea.
  • i dont see anything wrong with that
    • Linda Joy
      These men claiming to be women are beating them out of their competitions. The real women can't win against them because of their God given muscle mass.
    • bostjan64
      It's chemically equivalent to taking steroids. Would it be fair if they allowed people to take illegal drugs when competing?
    • Linda Joy
      Now THAT sounds idiotic to me!
  • 100% should not be allowed. There are physical differences between men and women that don't go away even after hormone treatments or operations.
  • I think that this will destroy women's sports. There is a valid reason to separate the sports because men have a physical advantage over women. Allowing the trans people into women's sports should not be allowed.
  • That depends. If they're built like a stereotypical male athlete, it's unfair as hell.
    • Linda Joy
      Any normal male who has passed puberty will have an unfair muscular advantage.
  • The feminazis have been smack-talking that women are totally equal (if not superior) to men, and can do anything a man can do (if not do it better), ever since the days of 'The Scum Manifesto', and the Billy Jean King/Bobby Riggs fiasco. If you wanna squawk the talk, sooner or later you gotta walk the walk. Thanks to the leftists that the feminists worship, it's officially time to put up, or shut up. Before they were bragging they was equal to real men, but now they are crying they can't even compete against a transgender-bender sissyboy like Terry Miller or Andraya Yearwood? Be careful what you wish for, least the libtard alliance make like a djinn, and grant your wish. Cue the violins...and cry me a river!
    • Linda Joy
      I've never wanted to compete with men. And I do believe I'm better in a lot of ways than men, just not physical strength. I learned long ago about using leverage to compensate for physical strength. But if you let them compensate for physical strength there would just be more whining. I think in reality what you call feminazis were just women trying to survive after being widowed, or abandoned with 5 or 6 kids by men who didn't care to pay child support, but that discussion really is not about sports. But you are totally right about women screwing themselves over by wanting to lower themselves to the level of a man. I saw that back when women weren't allowed into combatant situations without the approval of congress. But tell me are you not happier men are no longer required to pursue a woman? Now the woman has to do all the work and men are expecting women to support them on a regular basis now. Men's testosterone levels are dropping. Is that also the fault of the feminazi movement? I honestly think it pays in!
    • Franco333
      No, what I call 'feminazis' are misandrist 3rd and 4th Wave Feminists like Valerie Solanas ( that either claim full equality to men, or claim superiority, that want to replace the patriarchy with matriarchy, that go on Fakebook and squeal 'Kill All Men!', whose idea of equality is superiority. Them that want to be firemen, but not have to carry someone down the ladder. Them that want to be soldiers, but not pass through the same boot camp men do. The hypocrites that want to claim superiority, but turn on the tears when time to prove their rhetoric. What is a feminazi vs a feminist (
  • it will ruin the sport . lots of people find transgenders disgusting and wont attend or watch it.
  • I am a liberal who has no problem with transgenders in most contexts. I don't care how they dress, what bathrooms they use, what sex/gender they consider themselves to be and want to be called. HOWEVER, I do not believe that MTF transgenders should be competing against women born biologically female on the sports fields. They will have an unfair advantage. That is simple reality, and we can't escape it.
  • I'm ok with that.

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