• Say you're part of some protected class of people and not hiring you would be discriminatory.
    • Boola Boo
      hahahahaha. I do have a few cards i could play. hahahahaha
    • Archie Bunker
      Pretty much everything now works. Except being male, being white or being Christian. Then again, you could always self-identify as something else.
  • I would list all my volunteer work that I've done and any skills I've acquired over the years
    • Boola Boo
      Thank You, good idea.
  • How passionate you are about that particular job and your willingness to develop your skills.
    • Boola Boo
      I like that, good idea.
  • Talk about how your skills may be transferable to this role.
    • Boola Boo
      Yes, good idea.

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