• It got up to 42.6 C (108.7 F) in Paris. People start dying when it gets that hot! But in Birmingham Al we set a record low for this time of year! And when I was in Boot Camp in Orlando Fl we had red flag days. We didn't have to go out and exercise on red flag days. But this is just weather, and we really haven't been tracking weather that long. I'm not concerned now that air conditioning has been invented.
    • mushroom
      You might be concerned when high electric demand results in blackouts, always at the worst possible time. People B&Med about solar panels on utility poles being "too ugly" and other related gripes. Nuclear power is dead in this country even though we have nothing yet to provide the same benefit with equal or fewer emissions and lower cost vs output. Money needs to be spent to build up infrastructure, or it will only get worse. Weather is not the issue; the planet has been warming continuously for over 100 years, not just the surface but the oceans too. 18 years of this century (as of 2019, thanks AB) are the warmest on record worldwide, only because of one outlier year in 1998. NASA has a very clear chart and an interactive view showing that even during the 1960-70s when the northern hemisphere cooled slightly, the southern hemisphere warmed markedly and the overall global temperate still rose. If this were a stock market chart, everyone would jump on the gravy train. But we all know what happened to the "fake" economy 10 years ago.
    • Linda Joy
      Excuse me, we were talking about weather. Not climate change. If you have an answer post it. Don't argue with me over something I didn't even say.

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