• Most memorable, not "best"? I don't think you would ever want to know! LOL
    • JImerald Michaels
      oh cmon! share it. :)
  • India in my 20's Jumping in the Upper Ganges River in the winter months. Brrrrr then meditating along the bank
    • JImerald Michaels
      nice! aside from the Ganges River, any place you would recommend?
  • Israel
  • I was a pre teen and saw the sun set while I was in the clouds! It was awesome!
  • Spring, when my mother would take me to Diabetic camp and I was able to get away from both physical and verbal so much assaults from siblings.
  • Israel and China
  • Israel. So much history.
  • may 2021. its hard for me to pick cause i love them all.....had heaps in my country of Australia ...but i gotta say i loved my trip to the south island in new zealand in 2011 ..was Brilliant !!..Daughter planned the 19 day trip 4 the 6 of us ll her hubby hired a car and her family and their { 2 kiddies }, my hubby and i had the best trip..we saw something fantastic daily and slept in different places nighty apart from staying in Queens town 6 nights .and on the morning we were leaving QT it was lightly snowing, so we drove up a mountain and saw heaps of snow,,was wonderful as id never seen snow ever and we made a tiny snow man and tossed snow balls and by the time we got back in the car my hands were paining til they warmed up in the car lol..we had no gloves on lol. then we went back down the mountain and headed to Christchurch the opposite side of the island back to Christchurch. Such a beautiful island ,,we went in the april which is autumn in New Zealand and Australia ..and arrow town was a beautiful colour of autumn leaves too..also new to me as most of australias native trees are evergreen,so no display of colour only with imported trees
  • Probably the first time I went to Italy. I eventually lived there, but I first traveled there on a trip with some fellow college students after having studied Italian history, art, and language since high school. It was just astonishing to see, right in front of me, the great works of art I'd previously seen only in photographs. My first glimpse of the Duomo in Florence, a building pictured on the cover of my introductory Italian textbook, just knocked me flat. I had a fabulous time, and the trip cemented my determination to become a historian. Italy is one of my specializations.
  • Israel and China
  • Israel. So much history and culture.
  • My high school class trip was in Mexico. The high school was in Lower Merion PA. Our Spanish teacher was from Mexico City MX. The other pupils and I visited Alcupolco, Cuernavaca, Mexico City, Taxco. Watched a bullfight. I don't recommend it. Very cruel to the de fenseless bull. Bought silver jewelry in Taxco. Continental breakfast ikncluded in plane fare. Saw the Hanging Gardens in Mexico City More.
  • Seriously...the time I boarded a passenger jet. An hour into the flight we were told (over the speaker system by the pilot) that we had to return to the originating airport for forgotten paperwork. Once landed, we were told we had to switch to a different flight. . . . Very odd. If it was just paperwork (and why did it have to be on-board), why not use the same aircraft to complete the flight? Everyone was already seated and ready to go. Anyway, a two-hour flight turned into a five- or six-hour flight as we exited the plane, waited for the NEXT flight and then boarded it.
  • A plane out of Vienna, had to turn back due to technical issues. Stuck at airport for hours without knowing what was going on, put in a hotel at midnight, back at the airport at 6am & stuck in a lift. Home 24 hours late & grateful to be reunited with my luggage after being diverted via Germany. Memorable for all the wrong reasons!
  • I Have had several. In 1957, the Navy flew me from San Francisco to Honolulu in a 4 engine aircraft. Just after passing the point of no return we lost 1 engine. A few minutes later we lost a second engine. about an hour or two out of Honolulu a third engine was acting up but the pilot and flight engineer were able to keep it running. When we were to land the landing gear would not extend due to no hydraulic pressure. They hand cranked the gear down and locked just before we landed safely. The date was Friday November 13, 1957.
  • Both Israel and China
  • Israel
  • A tour of Auschwitz-Birkenau in Poland.

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