• You did a much better job with your question! I'm impressed with your improvement! But this mess about rich people is just jealousy. They earned their money one way or another and deserve to spend what's left of it after the 37% they pay in income tax on whatever they choose. Stop and think about it. What is 37% of your wages? How would you like to BE FORCED pay that much? This is just jealousy. Those who don't have enough money need to earn more. There is nothing wrong with having more than one job, especially when you are young single without kids and healthy and need to learn a trade or occupation. But if you want more money and don't want to work more or harder then LEARN from the rich. Start with the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad. I was never motivated by money. I think other things are more important. My son was money hungry, he went to school to be an accountant and then learned he could make just as much money driving a truck cross country. But people who hate the rich usually are in love with money and no matter how much they have it will never be enough. They would be much better off to learn to be truly thankful for what they have and start comparing themselves to those who have less not more.

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