• Have used ALL in my youth...Laundering and ironing own shirts...driving a bulldozer...and every other type of earthmover. In a rare earth plant, five older guys had five different machines, fixed and moving...and operated all of them...and operating a passenger ferry, it goes on and on. Age stops it all. except maybe book keeping... and there will be some S.O.B.out there who wants to stop you doing that as well !!!
    • Linda Joy
      I sympathize and understand about how age stops our ability to do certain things! But there is much we can still do! I've never actually saved a life and hope I never have to, but I'm thankful to know the information anyway.
    • Linda Joy
      I've never driven earth movers, or big trucks. I'd like to play at it for a while and learn. I've driven aviation specific support equipment of various types but never earth movers or anything with a plow even! I did drive a truck used to de-ice airplanes. And aircraft tow tractors and stuff.
    • pugwashjw65
      Hi Linda...Nice reply...During my last ferry driving job back in the 70's, I had 32 rescues of people off a dangerous sandbank crossing....and they tried it just to save the I mile ferry fare...Stupid Eh!
    • Linda Joy
      It was in response to a nice answer from the heart with no cut and paste jw spam! I liked that. And thank you. Are you saying they were trying to swim the mile? I might have been one of those dumb punks in my youth when I thought I could do anything! Haha. I'm thankful you were there to rescue them!

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