• They aren't just poor, just in poor circumstances. Most homeless people, for example, get there by making bad decisions. Some were probably even millionaires - I even knew a couple - who hit the bottle and ended up homeless.
    • Linda Joy
      Some get there because they get sick and can't work. Many do make poor choices, but who hasn't at some point in their lives? Many do better their circumstances. Some have self destructive cycles, some are mentally ill. Some are poor in circumstances and some are poor in spirit. "Inasmuch as ye have done it unto the least of these my bretheren, ye have done it unto me."
  • There are many reasons and you can't pick just one. Why one guy is poor may not have anything to do with the next guy. When people try to paint with a broad stroke on why the poor are poor, that's when you know they're full of shit.
  • In my experience, there are two completely different types of poverty. Extreme poverty (read: homelessness) is usually due to either A) lack of budget skills or B) lack of family support for the mentally unwell. "Regular" poverty happens for a wide swath of reasons, often seemingly innocuous. For example, almost everyone has difficulty adjusting their lifestyle after loss of income, so if someone goes from making seven figures to making five figures, the result is often poverty, even if the person still makes a respectable amount of income.

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