• No, no, and no. I used to drink whatever was in the store where I worked. Pepsi was bigger up north. We have a Coke bottling plant here in Birmingham, AL and when I buy it I get a generic Diet Mt. Dew. Did you save up for the jet?
    • bostjan64
      Yeah, but all I ended up getting was a couple of CD cases. Pepsi once made a deal with the USSR to sell their beverage in the soviet union. Since the ruble was essentially worthless at the time, the USSR traded the syrup for a small fleet of mostly old submarines, along with a frigate and a destroyer and another ship (I can't remember the exact number of ships). Pepsi accepted the old naval vessels as barter for the cola syrup and sold the ships to another country for cash. In between accepting payment from the USSR and selling the vessels, Pepsi had the sixth biggest navy in the world (it was maybe a couple of days). I have no idea who exactly sailed the ships from the USSR to wherever the destination was. Imagine being a Pepsi employee and having your boss ask you if you could pilot a submarine! LOL
    • Linda Joy
      Interesting! I don't doubt, but do you have an online source for reference? Does Pepsi not ship their product? Or do they contract out for that? I toured a sub once, but women weren't allowed to serve on them back then. I worked on a sub tender for a while. But those subs are tight! I'd go for a short tour now if I were healthy. I don't have family to take care of now, like I did then.
    • bostjan64 (I heard the story before I had the internet, so the link is just from a google search)
  • Did you mean Pay Each Penny To Save Israel?😅😆😄
    • bostjan64
      No, that'd be Peptsi. (?!) I feel like there is an interesting story here somewhere...
  • I got a Cadillac Eldorado with Green Stamps! Or was it a set of drinking glasses?

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