• Eric Schmidt, past CEO of Google said that. The anarchy image is because no one company or person owns the internet; it is a collaboration formed without an overall consensus or marketing plan.
    • Linda Joy
      Yep! It was quoted on an episode of Criminal Minds I watched recently.
    • Linda Joy
      Agree or disagree?
  • I believe there was another part of that quote that had something to do with the internet being the first thing or most significant thing that human kind made that we cannot fully comprehend, but yeah, as Mushroom already said, it was the former CEO of Google who said that or something very similar to that.
    • Linda Joy
      Yep. Agree or disagree?
    • bostjan64
      Oh yeah, I guess I dropped the ball on the actual answer again. Yeah, I suppose that's a fairly accurate statement. But, there are a lot of qualifications, because it's a broad interpretation involving some sense of metaphor.
  • Nope. The internet was created by the military for communication by any means. The biggest experiment in anarchy we have ever had was the European creation of America.
    • Linda Joy
      You're so jealous we are the most influential country in the world... and in such a short time! tsk tsk. Jealousy is so ugly on you! No, wait! Its just you!

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