• Sure. My mother, my wife, for various reasons.
  • I have, too many times...I treated women like crap in my younger days, but I regret doing so...Now I treat women as God's gift to men.
  • Sure. And I've made them cry.
  • I've seen all manner of humans cry. I don't think gender or age really prevents tears from coming in certain circumstances. The biggest difference is in how people respond. One time, years and years ago, I saw a woman lying on the floor crying at Burger King. People were just stepping over her and ordering their food. I crouched down and told her that I didn't want to pry, but that when life gets tough, sometimes you have to take a minute and let it all out. But then I told her that the floor of a dirty fast food restaurant wasn't the best place to allow that to happen, and helped her to an empty seat. I think that if it had been a grown man there instead, people would have been afraid.

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