• On the surface, it's easy to scoff at the comparisons, because they sound ridiculous, but the truth of the matter is that there are some actual connections to racist ideology that were adopted in recent years. ( ) So, groups like Patriot Front and Identify Evropa are using the Betsy Ross flag as a symbol identifying themselves. I don't think that in itself makes the flag a racist symbol, but, as those groups come more and more into prominence, more and more people will identify the association with those groups. One could say that the swastika is not a racist symbol, because it was used as a good luck symbol for centuries before the Nazis even existed; however, since the Nazis became very prominent and they chose to identify themselves with the symbol, the swastika took on that meaning (Nazism) with the public at large, so the more benign symbolism faded away. If KKK splinter groups keep using the Betsy Ross flag as they gain more media attention, it is only natural for the flag symbol to follow down the same historical path as the swastika, not that we are to that point yet. does this mean that it's not okay to display the old US flag anymore? I don't think we are to that point yet, either, but obviously, some people are trying to make it that way for the near future.
    • Archie Bunker
      @B - everything you touch today can someone be tied to some kind of crazy, violent act committed by someone, somewhere. Trying to capitalize on those kinds of things just shows how shallow thinking most people are. A has-been quarterback who is trying to relevant to make more money by race-baiting the uninformed, should show you how gullible people are and how there are many out there who still want to keep people divided.
    • bostjan64
      That is absolutely true. But, well, Colin Kaepernick, or however you spell his name, is coming from an insincere place with his statements, by my assessment. There may be others who have taken issues with the flag for more reasonable justifications, but the media hasn't really placed as much attention on those people. If I took an issue with the imagery of the horseshoe marshmallow in Lucky Charms cereal, people would think I was certifiably insane. But, if I had some crazy story where my little brother was beaten by a street gang who wore purple horseshoe arm-bands, then maybe at least my lunacy is somehow emotionally justifiable.

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