• Beets, vegan hot dogs and sardines. Served in a dirty ashtray.
  • For breakfast, lunch and dinner, Phaal Curry, followed by 5 Carolina Reaper peppers.
  • Superfluity stuff,, thanks for your answers.
  • It's where food goes when it goes bad. LOL
  • yeah but it's all rotten haha
  • They say you are given all the food that you do't like to eat in Hell!
  • They have really good food in hell. But you can't eat it. You only get to smell it and look at it, but you can't eat it. Jk. Oh wow, I just realized that described my work as a server. Come to think of it it describes my life now! I can smell that barbeque cooking any time I open my door, but can't get down there to eat any of it. Lol. I wouldn't even if I could get there and back. Or in hell you can eat the food but it will make you sick - like a gluten allergy or something.
  • There is enough in the Bible to suggest that everyone gets a personalized Hell within the flames. If it would be hellish for the individual then it could be possible.

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