• So... if 1980s-USSR built the Chernobyl reactor and it melted down during an operations simulation, and 2010s-Japan's Fukushima got hit with an earthquake and caused maybe the third worst environmental disaster of our time, what do you think would happen to an Iranian nuclear reactor if someone dropped a bomb on it?!
    • Archie Bunker
      Chernobyl was a disaster because they Russians built it like a house of cards. And then they tried to cover it up to the point where it was unmanageable. Fukushima was almost the same thing, except the Japanese built the thing right. And there were no deaths from the radiation leaks.
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      *one death
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      But my point is, if the Iranians built a nuclear reactor, hitting it with a smart bomb might not be the smartest approach to dealing with the situation.
  • If they don't tone down their quest for a nuclear weapon, absolutely.
  • The US barely manages surgical cutting in it's hospitals - never mind out in other countries. Hitting nuclear facilities is a surefire way of killing millions of innocent people. Not even terrorists are mad enough to strike at nuclear facilities. .
    • Archie Bunker
      They are, they just can't do it yet.
    • Linda Joy
      Why do you keep posting lies against the US when you know they can readily be proved lies? Do you just enjoy being known as a liar? Almost half of the best hospitals in the world are in the US.
  • No, they should take out the leader.
  • The US doesn't have to at the moment. Israel has pressed for a tougher tone on Iran if diplomacy fails to curb the advancements of its nuclear program.
  • Would that not be considered an overt act of war on our part? It may come to that, but is the nation really ready for another war in the middle east?
  • Joe can barely make it to the can to go "boom-boom".
  • that wont be necessary because we will just let Israel do it exactly the same way we sold them the planes & allowed them to destroy Saddams nuclear reactor at Osirak Iraq during operation Babylon on june 7 1981 .before it could produce any weapons grade nuclear fuel. We also looked the other way when Isreal bombed & destroyed Syria's nuclear fuel processing plant during operation orchard on september 6 2007. Naturally we publicly scolded Israel for doing our dirty work for us again so nobody could point the finger at us. It definitely pays to have well armed friends in the middle of the enemy's camp.
  • No. Israel is eager to do that...much more eager than we are. See: the Israeli bombing of Syrian nuclear research facilities. We ought to just let them do so when they feel the urge. They're definitely "on top of that".
  • Sure - let's get involved in another Middle East conflict that is none of our business - we haven't made enough enemies yet. We're busy playing attack dog for Israel while all they have to do is wipe Palestine off the map. What'll happen when Palestine is no more? Where will they expand to next?
  • I think the US should let a Middle Eastern country do it.
  • Nope. The opposite. The US should quit playing stupid games, and admit it was wrong over Iran.

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