• Ragazza Romanza by Melachrino Strings
  • Da Da Da by Trio....
    • mushroom
      That song will forever remind me of Volkswagens and old chairs.
  • "In a Gadda Da Vida" Iron Butterfly (1968)
  • Yes, "IId Trophozoite: Phagocytosis" by Naegleria Fowleri It's a weird song, too.
    • A good apple
  • (One Eyed, One Horned, Flying) Purple People Eater - Sheb Wooley
    • A good apple
      Thanks for your answer!
  • Earache my eye!
  • "Squeaky Deaky" by Boar Glue:
  • The guitarist Buckethead, who has released over 300 studio albums (that's not a typo), has a lot of songs, as you can imagine. Many of them have bizarre titles: "My Sheetz": "Frozen Brains Tell No Tales": "Do You Want Some Slaw": And an entire album where every song is named "Ride Operator Q Bozo," except one lone exception "Ramp Ahead." I guess that makes the one song with the normal name the weird one?
  • Cu Cu Ru Cu Cu Paloma by 101 Strings
  • Maybe not a weird song "title", but weird lyrics I find more to my suiting to me than the original, definitely ME. :P

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