• I pet a wild wolf once, people were trying to capture 3 of them by where I was living.. it was chained to a clothesline while they were after 2 others. I thought it was a dog.
  • A loose dog and a feral cat that bit.
    • Cry me a River
      Loose dogs can be awful frightening and the only time I was bit by a cat was when I was offering it a piece of meat.
    • Cry me a River
      I wouldn,t touch them if they were feral. Did you try petting one?
    • Cry me a River
      But then I have seen feral cats in an animal shelter.
    • Trivial_Pursuit
      Does a mother goose counts? I just found her dangerous when one time on my younger age, I tried feeding the younger geese, then this big old mother goose snapped my arm and I run for my life as she run towards me snapping. Geezz
    • Cry me a River
      Hmm, I guess they can be, I had no idea they were protective of their younger ones. Thanks for sharing that
    • Linda Joy
      Geese definitely count! Have you ever seen a person pecked on and shit all over just for offering a piece of bread?!! They're vicious animals!!
  • I once met a Mountain Lion that was being walked around a park on a leash during a 4th of July Celebration. She was pretty awesome.
  • I've encountered lots of dangerous animals in safe conditions, like from inside a vehicle or at a zoo. But the most dangerous encounter that comes to mind was when I was going for a nice leisurely bicycle ride in the woods and almost crashed into a deer. To my left was a rocky ledge with a ~60 drop straight down. If the deer had pushed into my right side, I would have been a goner, but luckily I avoided contact by just a few inches. That was the ride I encountered a skunk. I learned that day that skunks can't spray a moving target. Ha ha.
  • Camel spider. Sonofabitch was so big we shot him.
  • Elephants can be dangerous and my son rode one. I saw a bengal tiger in the zoo. Big as three men! But was protected by glass. I saw a scorpion crawling across my living room floor once, we caught it. I was bitten by a squirrel once, almost had to have rabies shots in my stomach (that's what they did back then) but the dog next door and my brother-in-law caught it and it didn't have rabies. Other than that the most dangerous animals I have been in contact with are men. Truly.
  • Fed an elephant, giraffes, beluga whales and a very large tortoise that couldn't tell an arm from a zucchini (or maybe it just didn't care). But a Portuguese man o' war on the beach was probably the most hazardous.
    • Linda Joy
      I forgot about that jellyfish that crippled me for a few days. And the man-o-war is a beast! I've never encountered one of those!
  • A coyote in the dark gave me a warning growl once. I changed directions quickly.
  • Two big dogs that attacked me when I was trying to get into my truck a year or two ago on bit my knee. That wound up being a blessing. I had a hernia for years that suddenly was a bigger problem and wound up having hernia surgery.
  • Homophobic people.
    • Cry me a River
    • Cats & Dolphins
      Humans are by far the most dangerous ones.
  • Humans. They are the most dangerous animals around. Wild boars too, but I shoot them.
  • We used to have a bear that came to get whatever she could get from us about every other week. I had more than one "face to face" with her that summer. She disappeared with her 2 cubs that winter and I never saw her again. 12/22/23
  • Wild animals at the zoo who growled at me for getting too close to their enclosure, including Great White sharks while cage diving.

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