• Work from home. Pick something you're good at and market it with a free web host. You'll have start-up costs (materials for your product, so buy bulk when possible), but you'll be your own boss and you can expand as you go, and you WILL expand when orders start rolling in. I am just getting started making wood rings with crushed gemstones and inlays. I just made one for my sister for her birthday and it's freakin' gorgeous. I used TransTint purple dye on the wood (birch popsicle sticks) and crushed amethyst. In the light it has a cat's eye effect. I don't sell any made of popsicle sticks, though. I order ring blanks online for a fraction of the cost it would to be to make them myself. Anyway, don't waste your talents. There is real money to be made if you apply yourself.
  • Most jobs people think of randomly are heavily associated with contact with other people. I would guess, however, that at least a third of all jobs have minimal contact with lots of people. You might want to look at a profession like accounting (WAG)...?
  • Overcoming social anxiety involves spending a fair amount of time with people at the workplace. A good way to start is to don't pretend to be smart; say only what's needed to build confidence.

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