• At least emission trading has a tangible result somewhere, but it's more like trading low-income housing credits in one town for zoning approval in another.
  • The best ideas related to shifting away from fossil fuels is from the Citizens Climate Lobby. A carbon fee(per ton of extraction) that would increase over 10 years. The Dividend being given directly back to the people. This would offset the higher cost of carbon based fuels and products to those it would impact the most. Say the monthly dividend is $100 to start, It would be $100 to Jeff Bezos and $100 to the minimum wage earner equally. Republicans really like this as it is a graduated market based solution that incentivizes a shift toward cleaner, renewable energy economy. Happy to say that within the past year almost every car company is already developing and some are selling all electric vehicles to an insatiable market. As the grid gets cleaner and solar roofs go down in price you can literally power your transportation needs from the sun. Production of that solar and battery based economy is growing cleaner every year. Not sure about bitcoins role. The greatest factor is that besides being cleaner, it will be more and more economical overall.

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