• i didnt see it, i dont watch tv lately, nnore into the net
    • jshm22
      Hence the youtube link I put up, kid.
  • Way to cherry pick the two seconds you found entertaining! Here are the highlights: I think he's right on these points. I didn't see the entire address.
    • jshm22
      Way to make yourself look the dimwit by not seeing the whole picture and only looking at the two seconds the random Youtube poster put up. You surprise me sometimes Linda. I almost feel like I have to bring out the crayons for you sometimes.
    • Linda Joy
      Now I'm starting to doubt you're even an IT guy. This video is obviously not from YouTube. Its from the Wall Street Journal. You're the dimwit saying such things. I have an IQ in the top 6 percent of the world. You just show your own ignorance by not recognizing it. But I do like coloring. Break them out! Lets do this! hahaha! By the way braniac you misspelled TRUMP! lol
  • Did you watch any of the rest of it? Good for him. America first. Everyone else can "Sit on it."

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