• I've been disappointed so many times now I just assume everyone new I see is really just some old user trying on a new identity. Talking like this really doesn't attract new users to the site. But I like most of the users that are here.
    • Archie Bunker
      As do I. Doesn't it get boring hearing from the same folks? We need to attract some new blood to this motley crew.
    • Roaring
      I've invited some friends and acquaintances to check AB out. No takers as of yet. Glad some of us have hung in there. i suspect it may revive given a little more attention by the moderator(which seems to be invisible at this point)
    • Jamie Walcroft
      OK well I am new here, first exposure and first words from me on this site. Have to learn the ins and outs yet. Seems like a good place to make an introduction. A friend told me about Archie, thought I would check it out. Facebook is driving me nuts, need to branch out.
    • Archie Bunker
      Roaring - I agree about the moderator(s) being Missing In Action. A little more involvement might go a long way.
    • Archie Bunker
      Jamie - Welcome aboard. And did your friend tell you anything good about Archie?
  • Ok, being new I now see how to respond directly rather than as a response to other responses. I knew there must be a different online social alternative to the likes of Facebook, which is getting pretty tedious. As a newbie I have yet to feel the frustration of finding a certain stagnation here, though I expect it will occur. No prob, it's part of the deal. I hope to find something interesting here, looks promising.
    • Archie Bunker
      My advice.... take nothing personal, comment however you want and on whatever you want, don't be afraid to speak your mind, remember that we're here to enjoy the back and forth.
  • theres still lots of people here, nnaybe sonne nnight be too busy to conne on here
  • I am new actually and already disappointed by this place
    • dalcocono
      This site is fading away. Lots of the older questions had 100 answers. Now 5 or 6 is a lot. 4/23/24
  • 4/22/2024, knowing this question is old, some old users out of the dozen have left this site. But a few newbies made up for them. Answerbag still has around a dozen people active.

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