• There is no clear answer to it that covers all situations. However there are some strategies that can be carried out even on a small budget to reach more customers, which include creating social media channels, sharing videos about your product or services, starting a blog, implement powerful SEO strategies, leverage your influencers and you can use Facebook ads, LinkedIn. Last but not least, creating an affiliate program can be also helpful strategy to fuel your business growth.
  • Best marketing strategies: 1. Search engine optimization 2. Google Adwords 3. Social Media marketing 4. Pay per click 5. Email Marketing...etc
  • depends on the business. But usually it's about going LEAN or Agile
  • Provide a service and/or product that is excellent, that you are confident in that is truly responsive to actual needs and wants. Look at Elon Musk as an example.
  • probably to advertise
  • not sure

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