• earlier today and I'm still stewing about it!
  • About two seconds ago....I was yelling at my sister for hitting me for no reason. But i'm okay now!!
  • It's been awhile for me..I am even surprising over a week without one lost it moment..:)
  • 6 years ago. when i stopped drinking. heh heh
  • Today. It wasn't pretty either. I'm fine now, though.
  • Oh, about an hour ago. But now that I've brewed myself a nice, hot pot of coffee and have since cooled off, so to speak, but gah-- I thought I was going to explode.
  • It has been years since I lost my temper. I get irritated and annoyed pretty often, but I have worked very hard over the years to learn to control my temper, which used to be really quick and REALLY bad.
  • Last night.
  • Yesterday at work, but that's my job, and everyone would wonder what was wrong if I didn't flip the hell out on someone at least once a weekend.
  • 3 days ago ...walking down the street and I saw a man(and I use that term lightly)kicking a dog ... so I walked up and sat him on his arse ...picked him up and sat him on it again I'm not sure if it was that or my foot on his throat that made him take notice ....I now have the dog(he's ok ) and have a new loving home for him to go to ...
  • Depends if you mean the last time I was irritated (which was just today) or the last time I really flipped out. If it is the last time I really lost it, it would have been 2 years ago. I tend to bottle up anger and when it's the last straw, I go up like a flare. I usually feel irritated at least once every couple of days.
  • when any powerful man disturb to weak person.
  • I don't remember. I live alone and don't associate with anyone, so life is pretty peaceful.
  • Five minutes ago when the copy machine freaking jammed again!!!!!!!!!
  • I don't remember. When I get angry it is brief, in control and I let it go. Happy Monday! :)
  • About 3 weeks ago.
  • Yesterday when my favourite football team lost a game :)
  • 1 hr ago when i remember i don't like my field of study
  • It has been awhile but there is more behind it than just "loosing my temper". I have had several severe blows to my head causing serious closed head brain damage. Once even caused a fractured skull. Severe closed head brain injuries can and does cause personality changes. They also cause a person to have low to very low stress levels. Things that would normally not cause stress to someone can cause someone with closed head brain injuries to "loose" their tempers. I am getting better all the time as more and more severed circuits in my brain heal or find new routes to process occurances in my life. When I first had my injury and for the first two years I would blow very easily. today 11 years later I am doing pretty well and do not loose it as often. Be very firmly warned...ANY blow to the head even if you do not go on-consciousness can cause closed head brain injuries. I no longer think it is funny to see shows like "Funniest videos" show people falling and hitting their just isn't funny when I know the possible outcome. My nephew fell crushing his skull killing him when the ladder he was on broke and he fell about 14 feet onto concrete. He died in his brothers arms. I fell 12 feet. I hope this explains why some people loose their temper more easily than others...there are alway reasons this is mine.
  • Last Friday when my grandchildren refused to eat the two slices of bread that I prepared for them. They were just too choosy in the choice of food and I did not like it.

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